Shhh! Josie Gibson lets us in on her biggest diet secrets

Laughing and posing in front of the cameras while completely starkers for our exclusive shoot, you’d have no idea that Josie Gibson is nervous about getting her body out. The former Big Brother winner, who turned 30 last week, still forgets she’s lost as much weight as she has.

Having lost six stone and with ambitious career plans to set up a diet company to rival Weight Watchers and Slimming World, Josie is a complete fit-spiration! So who better than to share her health and fitness secrets?

As she joined Now for some photos and a chat, Josie told us, ‘I’m a real foodie, so it can be hard. But I exercise a lot. I didn’t over Christmas so I gained a few pounds, but as soon as I work out again, it just falls off.’

Despite having slimmed to a healthy and gorgeous size 10/12, the star admitted that she still likes to enjoy a treat now and again. ‘Today I’ve had two meringues, but I’ll go home later and train like a motherf***er. I like being fit!’ she said.

As a personal trainer, Josie is a pro at motivation, so we got her to share her most inspiring diet tips, but she also reminded us to lose weight the RIGHT way. She told us, ‘I get a lot of people who want to focus on getting toned and fit and then there are others who are just starving themselves – and you I can tell the difference.’

The fitness fanatic added, ‘strong is the new skinny’. We totes agree, Josie! In our exclusive video, the star shares her best secrets including keeping an inspirational picture nearby and getting all the bad stuff out of the house! Oh, and don’t forget to love yourself! We’re going to take that as the most important one, thanks Josie.


Read our full interview with Josie in Now Magazine out Tuesday 27 January 2015.

Read more about Josie Gibson in this week’s Now magazine dated 2 February 2015 – download the digital edition now!

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