Katie Hopkins takes us into her kichen as part two of our #NowHomeWithHopkins series

When we were invited round to the Hopkins household to film our five-part At Home With Katie Hopkins series, it’s safe to say we didn’t quite know what to expect.

After watching her clash and cause uproar in the Celebrity Big Brother house, how would she be a few days later back at her own home complete with a camera guy and slightly nervous journalist following her from room-to-room?

And after the three or so hour journey, the quick answer to that is: lovely.

Warm, welcoming and surprisingly chirpy – the controversial star certainly didn’t hold back as she gave us a guided tour complete with amusing commentary which you can watch now.

And one person the reality show runner up certainly isn’t a fan of – along with Nadia Sawalha (yeah she takes a pop at her too in our video) – is curvaceous kitchen Queen Nigella Lawson.

‘These are my husband’s books,’ Katie explains, as we question the stack of Nigella books lined up along her unusually bare kitchen counter. ‘He loves her because she’s shapely in ways that I’m not.

‘Given that I’m built like a house brick on two cocktail sticks, it probably says something about what he’d prefer to have compared to what she’s ended up with,’ she continues to joke.

Er, we guess that explains the books then!

Obviously it wouldn’t be a Katie video without a little bit of controversy, which is exactly what then followed as she shared her own thoughts on the chef.

‘I’m personally not a fan of Nigella,’ Katie says. ‘I don’t think that smoking drugs in front of your children is such a smart choice.’


We doubt Nigella will be a fan of yours either after bringing up her past troubles, Katie.

Watch Katie Hopkins pen some personal wedding vows to Katie Price in part one of our five part video series – and then tune back in tomorrow to see the next instalment.