During part four of our At Home With Katie Hopkins talks about how her epilespy scared other housemates

Although Katie Hopkins may seem quite the unstoppable force, behind closed doors that isn’t quite the case.

During her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house not only was she the centre of some of the biggest controversies which dubbed it the most shocking series ever. She was also the centre of a carefully worked out plan with the show’s doctors, in preparation for her to suffer from one of the epileptic fits which have dominated her life for years.

Katie has previously explained how, over just a nine-month period, she has ‘suffered 26 epileptic fits’ which each resulted in dislocated arms and a trip to hospital. And this was the reason why Katie was granted her own secret bedroom in the CBB house.

‘It’s a weird illness, and it’s difficult to be around. People don’t associate me with it because they see me as a strong woman and I don’t talk about it,’ Katie explains during our exclusive At Home With Katie Hopkins video series.

‘It really does freak people out, and that’s why you need to be in your own room.’

Although she feared the worst could happen in the house and the doctors would have to step in and pull her out following a fit, she was surprised at what their tests showed.

‘There was a conversation with the doctors who monitor us to say my epilepsy was really good while sleeping in the house,’ Katie says with genuine surprise.

‘I live a very hyper-active life on the outside that even in the madhouse [of CBB] I found it quite calm and perhaps it was good for my mental health.’


We didn’t expect anyone to describe such a toxic environment as calm. Watch her emotional video above.

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