Actress Megan Fox is looking teeny tiny


Megan Fox‘s body is always a top talking point but now it’s hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The actress has been voted the world’s sexiest woman in various men’s magazines, but in her advert for Emporio Armani Lingerie & Jeans she’s lost the curves that gave her lust-factor. 

The 5ft 5in actress is believed to have shed over a stone since her movie debut in Transformers in 2007.

‘She’s always been known for her curves, but she really likes her new waif image,’ our source said in February.

‘She’s happy with the way she looks and says she’s eating balanced meals.

‘She loves sushi.

‘She’s not eating anything bad – just not eating enough.’

Stripped down in the ad with her array of tattoos on show, Megan bends over to show a concave stomach and barely-there bum.

Busy Megan, 24, also stars in a new advert for the fashion house’s perfume, where she poses seductively in a black sheet next to a naked man.

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