Don’t miss Danielle’s amazing £3 summer beauty trick

Getting your beauty regime right when it’s scorching outside can be a real challenge – especially if you don’t fancy sunbathing by the pool with a face full of slap, or lugging your entire make-up bag to the beach.

Luckily, our amazing new fashion and beauty vlogger Danielle Peazer knows a thing or two about looking hot in the summer (that’s hot as in woah, I wouldn’t mind rubbing suntan lotion into your back’ rather than the euw! Have you just come straight from the gym?’ kind). After all, she did manage to pull One Direction star Liam Payne. So who better to advise us on her summer beauty essentials?

Danielle has already jetted off to some pretty hot climates this year having visited LA and toured the UK with Little Mix in her day job as a dancer (what do you mean? Scarborough is almost like the Bahamas at this time of year!), and her advice on what to keep in your handbag to ensure you stay looking fresh and fashionable is not to be missed.

From top tips on how to get that gorgeous textured beachy hair, to how to update any outfit in seconds – not to mention her amazing £3 beauty trick that should be in every girl’s beach bag!

Don’t want to pile on the slap when you’re poolside? Danielle has a brilliant idea for how to look fresh faced and stay safe in the sunshine. Want to be snog ready all summer long? Check out Danielle’s advice for the perfect summer pout.

Watch this video to see what she won’t leave the house without when the sun is blazing outside!

For more fashion and beauty tips from Danielle, click on her blog Alternatively check out Danielle‘s weekly vlog at Alternatively, you can follow her on Twitter @DaniellePeazer


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