Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora show their close friendship to Rochele Humes and Melvin Odoom on the Xtra Factor

Radio 1 Nick Grimshaw and sassy songstress Rita Ora are the ultimate friendship goals this year on the newly re-vamped X Factor. They work together, they party together, they even go dog-walking to gether.

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But it seems like their friendship may be a bit more than that., as the ol’ Nicky boy revealed that Rita actually tried to snog his face off once after getting all emosh watching a gig together, as the pair revealed HERE.

Being completely bowled away by Nick’s majestic quiff and chiseled face – how can you not be – Rita gushed over how beautiful the northern lad just was.

‘You are absolutely gorgeous Nicholas Grimhaw’

N’awww – you guyssss.

Nick was then quick to say that Rita’s always fancied him. Ah. Fancying your mates can be weird enough at times, but since Nick isn’t that way inclined, that’s all a bit awks.

Rita then went on to tell the story of when Nick rejected her and her unrequited snog.

‘I tried to get off with him at Glastonbury once. He just completely shut me down. He said ‘Rita this is weird’, and I was like ‘Oooh, yes it is…’

‘We had a few drinks.’

Ah. That’d explain it then.

The Grimshaw also told his said of the story, and it’s quite sweet actually.

‘We’d watched the Rolling Stones together and it was emotional and every else was snogging.’

Rita realised that they were the only ones not snogging, And they looked at one another. And so….

Rochelle Humes told Nick that he ‘should have just played ball’, to which he replied that he did. ‘For a minute. It’s not for me.’

As other Xtra Factor host Melvin Odoom laughed along, he said he really enjoyed the relationship they share.

‘I enjoy watching it. It makes me happy. What I like most is when he [Nick] does an impression of you’ – to which Nick piped up with his classic Rita line of OHMYGODBABE

And when asked is she can return the favor and do an impression of Nick, Miss.Ora cranks up the volume and just basically shouts: ‘IT’S JUST ALWAYS LOUS LIKE THIS – RITA RITA!’

‘Everything’s just on 100. There’s just words coming out of every hole possible.’

Oh what larks and japes.

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Amy Lo