Comedian jokes that guests will be in the buff

Russell Brand wants to marry Katy Perry in the nude.

The couple got engaged on New Year’s Eve in India and are now busy planning their nuptials.

‘We are going to do the wedding naked!’ jokes Russell. ‘All the families will be naked!’

Russell, 34, admits thinking about the ceremony has been keeping him up at night.

‘All my dream weddings don’t make sense,’ he tells People.

‘The vicar will start melting. The people in the front row will turn into people from my school. And then everyone will only say the word “potato”.’
Meanwhile, Katy, 25, hasn’t ruled out eloping with Russ.

‘We just want it to mean something,’ she tells Us Weekly. ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s just me and him or if it’s a big, fat ordeal.

‘I think [we’ll get married] when the time is right and we can both schedule it. And when the press doesn’t know about it!’

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