Actress says he once threw her in a pool

Sandra Bullock used her Best Actress acceptance speech at the Oscars to have a dig at George Clooney.

The former ER hunk once played a practical joke on The Blind Side star, 45, at a Hollywood bash.

George Clooney threw me in a pool years ago,’ she said. ‘I’m still holding a grudge.’

The incident happened at director Joel Schumacher‘s birthday party in LA in 2000.

George, 48, and Tom Cruise, 47, suggested to Sandra that they take a dip in the pool – but they never jumped in with her.

‘I went to the edge, Tom on my left, George on my right, and they said, “One, two, three…”‘ she tells InStyle.

‘As I leaped, I remember two masculine hands letting go. The pictures are hilarious.

‘All you see is movie star teeth laughing, and me getting out of the pool like some drowned Yorkie.’

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