The woman closest to Simon thinks they are an ideal couple


Simon Cowell‘s mother Julie has given her blessing to his relationship with American Idol make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy.

She’s thrilled that her confirmed bachelor son is ready to finally settle down.

‘I really think marriage and fatherhood for Simon are going to happen. I would like to see an official engagement, a marriage and yes, then grandchildren,’ she says.

Mezhgan is very family orientated, so she is ideal for him.’

Julie, 84, believes that Simon is genuinely contented with Mezhgan after spending time with both of them recently.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw him,’ she says, ‘he looks exceptionally happy and there’s such a glow about him. I think turning 50 made him reassess his life.’

But Julie is under no illusion that her workaholic son plans to relax now that he’s found ‘The One’.

He may be loved-up with Mezhgan, 36, but work remains his first priority.

‘Anyone Simon marries will have to understand his business and fit in with his work,’ says Julie. ‘He’s not a party person; he’s devoted to his business.’

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Javena Johnson