Footage of Angie Bowie following the news of her ex-husband's passing sparked an angry reaction on social media

Celebrity Big Brother has come under fire from viewers for airing Angie Bowie’s reaction to the news of her ex-husband David Bowie’s death last night.

Despite 66-year-old Angie being told off camera that David has passed away, a preview clip of tonight’s episode was shown where Angie was seen crying in the Diary Room afterwards.


Angie Bowie staying in CBB after David Bowie news

The author – who was married to David from 1970 to 1980 and had a son with him – was heard telling producers: ‘I haven’t seen him in so many years, I can’t make a big drama out of it.

‘It just feels like an era has ended with his passing.’

Angie was also comforted by fellow housemates John Partridge and David Gest as she tearfully deliberated whether to stay on the show. She eventually chose to remain in the CBB house.

The scenes angered many viewers who felt it was in poor taste for Channel 5 to film Angie’s reaction.

The Celebrity Big Brother team stressed via their Twitter account that Angie had been informed off screen, writing: ‘For those asking – Angie was told the tragic news about David Bowie off camera by her agent, then spoke to BB about it in the Diary Room.’

That didn’t stop the backlash though and social media users continued to voice their disapproval over the footage being broadcast.

Some were angered enough to lodge a complaint about the scenes as Ofcom has confirmed that they’ve received criticism for the clips being ‘insensitive’ and ‘in bad taste’.

A spokesperson for the broadcasting regulator tells The Mirror: ‘We’ve received 13 complaints about last night’s Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5.

‘We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not.’

It’s not the first time during this series of CBB that viewers have been offended. Many complained about Winston McKenzie‘s homophobic comments during the launch show last week and Ofcom revealed they’d received 165 complaints, though they’ve yet to decide whether to investigate further.

Anna Francis