The show left fans asking 'where was the drama?!'

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks emotional split has had us TOWIE fans hooked.

The former Essex power couple had only just celebrated their one-year anniversary when they were hit by a whole load of drama – and ever since then the break up has got messier and messier.

But when recent tensions came to a head last Tuesday (4th April), the pair were pictured having a VERY explosive row in the street and Megan, 24, even had to be restrained by their TV crew at one point.


So after seeing the explosive snaps all over the internet, ITVBe viewers have been waiting for the dramatic scenes to air so they can finally find out what really happened.

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But fans of the show were left a little disappointed on Wednesday night (12th April) when they actually got a rather tame row – by Pegan’s standards anyway.

TOWIE viewers were expecting a lot more drama from last night’s show [ITVBe]

Despite Megan yelling: ‘You were so f***ing miserable’, in her ex’s face, the duo’s fiery meeting seemed to be toned down with many people claiming the more ‘aggressive’ scenes had been completely cut out.

Pete and Megan’s argument seemed to be edited [ITVBe]

One disgruntled fan commented: ‘Well Pete and Megan’s argument was a let down wasn’t it’, while another added: ‘Been waiting a week for Megan and Pete’s argument and I’m disappointed’.

And they weren’t the only ones…


As well as the heated argument with Pete, 27, Megan was also caught in a row with co-star Chloe Sims in the latest episode.

Following the break-up, Chloe has made it clear she’s definitely on pal, Pete’s side and has had a few cheeky digs at Megan for ‘playing the victim’ – which obviously didn’t go down too well with the fiery CBB star…

The ladies recently came to blows over some photos which emerged of Chloe and Pete looking cosy outside a nightclub – which were totally innocent – but while Megan thought Chloe should have given her the heads up about the pics, Chloe is adamant she ‘doesn’t need to call anyone’.


So is this the last we’ll hear of Pegan’s split? Oh we hope not…