Flavia Cacace's boyfriend isn't threatened by the hot actor

Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent Simone says that he’s not jealous of girlfriend Flavia Cacace’s relationship with handsome dance partner Matt Di Angelo.

‘I’d only be jealous of a man who was a better dancer and better looking than me,’ he says.

Matt and Flavia have set tongues wagging with their steamy routines and off screen closeness.

But Vincent, 28, doesn’t feel threatened by the sexy soap star.

‘Matt’s just a boy. I see no competition whatsoever,’ he tells Weekend.

And Flavia , 27 – who’s been dating tango champ Vinnie since she was 15 – confirms that she is not the least bit interested in the 20-year-old.

‘He is a bit of a flirt, but we have a saying in Italian that translates to, “The dog that barks never bites”,’ she says on the couple’s official website.


Heather Brown