Vinnie Jones has been praised after breaking down during a TV interview.

vinnie jones breaks down discussing wife tanya death

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The former professional footballer appeared on ITV news talk show Good Morning Britain in his first TV interview since the death of his wife Tanya.

Tanya tragically passed away earlier this year after a six-year battle with cancer.

And now the Arrow actor has opened up about the devastating loss, telling GMB’s Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that it felt like “being hit by a sledgehammer” when he was told that she was dying.

“She said ‘don’t grieve,” Vinnie told Piers and Susanna. “I’ll be waiting for you.’ So I’ve got something to look forward to.”

Speaking out in the emotional interview, the actor said that he is opening up to help others through their own grief.

“Keeping busy, that’s the first thing,” he went on. “You’ve got to get out there for other guys who are struggling.

vinnie jones breaks down discussing wife tanya death

Vinnie with late wife Tanya (Credit: Getty)

“It’s made a difference, I didn’t see that coming.”

Admitting that his grief properly hit him when he saw the world go by as normal after Tanya’s passing, Vinnie continued, “The hardest part of it all for me even that day everybody’s life goes on.

“You’re looking around and saying this is the biggest tragedy of my life, but people are going to work, they’re coming back from work, they’re still queuing for Starbucks.”

The dad-of-one said that his late wife spent her last moments surrounded by her family at the family’s home Hollywood with 24-hour intensive medical care, as Vinnie refused to have her moved to a hospice.

“The worst thing about it is we went in to the hospital one day and there’s a window where people go to be told it’s a week, day month a year.

“They took us into that bad news room. That’s when you know.”

He said the doctors took the pair aside to discuss moving Tanya to a hospice, adding, “I said she ain’t going to no hospice.

“Over the years I have slept in the room with her every night she was in overnight.

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“Three intensive cares we had her in as well.”

“She said: ‘You’ll look after me Vin, won’t you?” he continued. “In the end I couldn’t fulfill my promise,” he said, adding that the “worst time he broke down” was last year on Christmas Eve when they were told that Tanya had cancer traces on her brain.

“Christmas Eve was a tough one,” he said, “they called her to say they’d found a couple spots on the brain – that was the first time we broke down together.

“That was the worst we ever broke down together,” he continued.

“We had a lot of guests there, but she didn’t want to ruin their Christmas.”

“She was in a lot of pain, but she got through it brilliantly.

“I think she knew she weren’t going to make this Christmas.”

Viewers took to Twitter to praise the actor’s candour, with many adding that were ‘in tears’ at the ‘emotional interview’.