He thinks they’ll be in for a shock

Vinnie Jones reckons the Beckhams should be careful in California.

The Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels star has lived in Los Angeles for years and warns that all is not what it seems.

‘LA is such a mad world. You think you know the place but you don’t,’ says Vinnie, 42. ‘It’s always larger than life and there’s a surprise around every corner.

‘You have to work out who you want to be. It’s no use taking notice of people who want to slap you on the back.

‘Pick your friends carefully, stay away from most of the parties and look after yourself.’

Vinnie says a lot of showbiz personalities aren’t what they seem on the outside and that Posh and Becks will be in for shock.

‘Not only is the football terrible,’ Vinnie tells Weekend magazine, ‘many of his new-found starry friends swing both ways.’

Ooooh er!

Suzannah Ramsdale