The first time mum is having a tough time

Vogue Williams has been forced to defend herself against online trolls who claim she’s ‘too skinny’.

Vogue Williams

The Irish presenter took to Instagram to beg people to stop calling her ‘too thin’ as she pointed out her weight is well within the ‘healthy’ range.

After receiving an influx of abusive messages branding her ‘too thin,’ Vogue, 33, wrote: ‘I keep getting messages like that. It’s starting to get annoying especially because I want to show a healthy lifestyle.’


The new mum admitted she’s dropped 4kg since giving birth last September, but insists that’s where her weight ‘comfortably sits’.

‘I’m 64kg and 5’11.’ she confessed. ‘That is 4kgs lighter than I used to sit before I had Theodore. I can’t explain why but that’s where my weight comfortably sits.’

Vogue Williams

Vogue’s social media accounts are regularly littered with health and fitness posts as she encourages others to follow a healthy lifestyle.

‘I train four times a week and try to eat healthily 80% of the time,’ she explained. ‘Please don’t send messages about my weight anymore.’


Vogue Williams

But Vogue has always loved training. Earlier this month Vogue – who is married to Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews – said she is ‘obsessed’ with exercise.

So it’s no surprised Vogue has managed to maintain her toned physique, having trained throughout her pregnancy.

‘Loads of new mums have asked me how I lost the baby weight but I didn’t put that much on when I was pregnant,’ former The Jump star revealed.

‘I trained every single day, from seven weeks into my pregnancy. I wanted to do some spinning on the day I gave birth but I had to be induced at 6am so the doctors wouldn’t let me.’

Spencer Matthews

As much as she wanted to resume training straight after Theodore’s birth, Vogue – who doesn’t believe in dieting – had to be patient.

‘I tried to resume training about five weeks after I gave birth and I just couldn’t do it at first. My body wasn’t ready,’ the model said.

‘But I was able to start doing light exercises about two weeks after that. It didn’t take too long to get back in shape. For other mothers it might take longer.’