And she 'no longer wants to punch him in the face' too!

Most of use use Snapchat for the 10/10 selfie opportunities (like, hello?! Have you seen the leopard filter?!) and maybe the rogue video of a messy night out. Nothing too pressing, right?!

Our Marnie Simpson, however, had decided to use the social media platform to document the full extent of Lewis Bloor‘s infidelity. Yup, that happened.

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Back last month (on Valentines day, may we add), a video had surfaced of former TOWIE ‘fella Lewis Bloor in the back of a taxi with another ‘gal- whilst he was still in a relationship with Marns.

As the content of the video escalated to Lewis in bed with the same woman, Marnie had taken to her Snapchat to share a very long story explaining how she felt about Lewis’ antics.

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Speaking on Snapchat, Marns explained that she believed Lewis had cheated on her- sharing that the footage had left her incredibly hurt, ‘I’ve cried, I’ve screamed, I’ve smashed my house up. Every emotion, I’m still in shock’.

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Following her explosive Snap story, Marnie went on to learn of multiple other times Lewis had been unfaithful. Taking to Instagram, Marnie shared a message she had received from another woman:

@lewisbloor1 you're such a gentleman

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In the meantime, Lewis Bloor had taken to Twitter to address the circulating allegations- writing ‘I am clearly a fool for ruining something very special’.

However, it would appear there is a lil’ twist in the tale of Marnie Simpson and Lew Bloor– after the Geordie Shore ‘gal vowed never to speak to her estranged beau again, it has been revealed that the pair are still LIVING together!

Yup- Marnie has taken to her column for Star to share her current situation with Lewis, revealing that they are still sharing a flat but are definitely not back together.

Marnie writes, ‘It’s just weird that I’m in Essex and bumping into people he knows…We’re not to back together but we share a flat and we are speaking’.

However, it would appear that the pair are progressing towards some sort of friendship- Marnie writes, ‘I no longer want to punch him in the face every time I see him which is progress’.

The 25-year-old then added that there has been a few bumps in the road to friendship, sharing ‘I got in from a night out at 6am last week and Lewis wasn’t happy…We had an argument’.

Alice Perry