As Karren Brady gets older, she just looks younger…

The 10th series of The Apprentice kicked off with a bang on Tuesday night, but the question we were just dying to ask was; how is Karren Brady looking so damn glam?

As we cosied up on the sofa in our PJs, our mouths were a little gawpy as Karren, 45, flaunted flawlessly smooth skin, a trim bod and beautifully bouncy hair. WOW.

We totally love Karren, who sits to the right of Lord Alan Sugar on the hit BBC1 show, but what’s the businesswoman been doing to keep herself looking so bloody good?!

In 2000, a 30-year-old Karren looked young and fresh and still today, the mother-of-two appears to not have aged a single day, despite her hectic life as a Tory politician, author and Vice Chairman of West Ham United Football Club. Phew!

Here’s four ways Karren has gone from wow to WOW…


This 2007 snap of the former Birmingham City FC Managing Director shows her looking puffy and uncomfortable. Despite previously claiming that dressing in the right clothes can ‘shave off 10lbs’, in 2010 she revealed that she had started working out and in 2012, the self-confessed workaholic had dropped from a size 14 to a size 12. 


She’s said goodbye to straight, lank locks and hel-lo to voluminous, dark curls. Karren’s stylist, Ian McIntosh told Now:

‘Her hair used to be pulled across her face but I use heated rollers to give her hair some height. Karren doesn’t want me to keep fussing with her hair so I backcomb the crown and allow it all to settle and it pretty much falls into place.’ 

As for products, Karren exclusively told Now:

‘I use Pantene on my hair – strength and shine shampoo and a conditioner called Pantene Expert Keratin Repair. It has made a massive difference to my hair, the shine and condition.’

Girls, take note!


Obviously she’s naturally gorgeous, but Baroness Brady has totally mastered the perfect smokey eye. According to Ian, who has been doing Karren’s make-up for a few years now, the columnist likes to use a green eye pencil.

‘Karren has a favourite moss green eye pencil. I don’t use a black liner on her anymore as it’s too harsh and I try to keep it glam but soft without the harshness,’ he explained. 

Karren’s footballer hubby, Paul Peschisolido, must be proud!


To keep her skin looking gorgeously smooth, Ian said that he uses less powder to maintain Karren’s youth. He also contours her face with blusher and bronzer.

Whilst we reckon she’s just undergone a serious A-list makeover, in 2010, Karren actually revealed that she would like to have surgery in the future.

She said: ‘I’d like my eye bags removed. When you watch yourself on 50-inch HD TV it’s so unforgiving. Fillers and botox scare me, though.’

Well, the proof’s right here that surgery isn’t the only way to re-wind the years…

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Lucy Gornall