It's claimed she already had a fiancé


Jodie Marsh allegedly faked her search for a husband on her reality TV show.

In the series Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up The Aisle, the glamour model held auditions in the hope of finding a guy to marry.

But it’s been claimed that the process was a sham because she was already engaged to Matt Peacock, the man she’s now married.

Jodie said she was single when the programme began in May but hidden camera footage reveals Matt, 24, chatting about their relationship before his audition.

‘She planned to marry him before the show even started,’ a source tells the Sunday Mirror. ‘The minute he proposed she should have pulled out of it.’

Jodie, 26, denies she faked anything.

‘I haven’t misled anybody. I was single when I started the programme. The evidence from Matt is not evidence at all. It’s just male bravado.

‘I told Matt he had to audition like that if he wanted to be with me.’

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Suzannah Ramsdale