Security were forced to storm into the house to break up the fight


Tensions ran high in the Big Brother house on Sunday night as Lotan Carter was removed for ‘intimidating behaviour’.

The housemate – who is dance star Louie Spence‘s nephew – was removed from the house following what was surely one of the most explosive episodes in Big Brother history.

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Viewers watched on as a group brawl broke out after Lotan threw a drink at Isabelle Warburton when she suggested he was a bad role model to his son during a task.

With Big Brother immediately ordering Lotan to go to the Diary Room, a huge argument ensued during which the 28 year old smirked: ‘You think they’re going to drag me out?’

As he made his way to the Diary Room, things threatened to boil over as sisters Deborah and Hannah Agboola tried to give him a piece of their mind, with housemates Ellie Young and Kieran Lee trying unsuccessfully to keep the peace.

And as the row reached a dangerous peak, two members of the Big Brother security team were seen rushing into the house in order to break things up.

You can watch the dramatic scenes as they unfolded below…

Ejecting Lotan from the house, Big Brother told him: ‘Last night when you were already angry and behaving in an intimidating way, you deliberately ignored Big Brother’s instructions, broke out of the Diary Room and refused to return.

‘Big Brother has also spoken to you previously about isolating and intimidating behaviour, particularly towards women

‘Last night you threw your drink angrily at Isabelle, Chanelle and Hannah and then threw the empty bottle across the room. Later in the bedroom and then in the Diary Room, you used threatening language about a fellow housemate.’

And it’s doubly bad news for the dancer as it turns out he’s lost his JOB too – read more about that here.