Will these two be able to clear the air?

Sarah Harding and Paul Danan are set to have an emotional face off on Tuesday night’s Celebrity Big Brother after their explosive confrontation caused serious tension in the house.

The pair come face to face to talk following their row, which erupted after Sarah, 35, saw Paul criticise her for being ‘negative’ during nominations.


CBB fans rage at Paul Danan and Jemma Lucy for Sarah Harding comments

She hit back by calling him ‘psycho’, a ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘snide’ and tensions were clearly still running high the next morning, with the Girls Aloud star admitting in the Diary Room that she’s going to be ‘wary’ of 39-year-old Paul from now on.

‘I don’t think I’m going to trust certain people, especially him,’ Sarah explains. ‘He’s playing a game. A very cunning one. I’m just going to be very wary from now on. I’ve got eyes in the back of my head, and one beady eye on him!’

Paul was also upset by the spat and tells fellow housemates that Sarah had ‘hit him where it hurts’.

‘Am I going to talk to her? No. She f**king took it too far,’ the former Hollyoaks star says.

However, in a preview clip from Tuesday night’s show the warring stars try to talk things through and resolve their differences.

Sarah tells Paul that she knows he ‘didn’t instigate’ the argument during the evictions and he explains that he was simply worried about her.

‘I was concerned for you, that was the reason [I nominated you],’ the actor says. ‘It wasn’t out of malice, it wasn’t out of me trying to f***ing get you out of here. Believe me.’

Sarah admits that it was all a ‘bit personal’ for her given that Paul had made a remark about her one boozy night in the house, despite the fact that she’s keen not to drink to show that she’s changed from her ‘Hardcore Harding’ days.

The blonde star then explains that she tried to ‘bite her tongue’ during the row whilst Paul says that her comments back to him were ‘a bit nasty’.

‘I see myself in you and I got scared,’ the former soap star admits. ‘It wasn’t just me, anyway, it was all of us that f**king decided [to nominate you].’

Soon they both say sorry and decide to hug it out – awww.

But whilst there could be harmony between Sarah and Paul, things might not be quite so sweet in Sarah’s relationship with Jemma Lucy.

The Ex On The Beach star is seen talking about Sarah with Brandi Glanville in the bathroom during Tuesday night’s show and rants: ‘No one is better than any-f**king-one else. I’m sick of the fact that she thinks she is.’

Yikes, Sarah’s certainly having an eventful time in the house!