Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle ditches the clothes for Now's GossipCam

He’s been stripping off and tashing on all over the Geordie Shore house for years, and now 26-year-old Gaz Beadle is set to take his raunchy antics across the country as he becomes the latest star to join strip group The Dreamboys alongside TOWIE‘s Dan Osborne, 23.

How are you settling into the group?
It’s probably the most horrible thing ever when you think you’ve got a good body and walk into a room with nine of the henchest dudes I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

Ohh you’re not that bad! Who’s got the better body out of you and Dan?
He’s like 6’3 and towers above me so he’s got bigger muscles, but I’ve got the bigger c**k!

Will you be getting it out on tour?

Yeah I think I’ll just go for it and shout BOOM and go fully naked on the last show [laughs].

Can we expect any Geordie Shore-style antics in the hotels afterwards?
The Dreamboys have their own tour bus! The more I hear about it from them, the more I’m excited. It’s going to be full on, the women love the Full Monty thing. Sounds like things might get a bit messy… I don’t know, that tour bus has got to see some action.

Are you nervous at all?
The boys proper go for it with their routines to the songs – where as I just mumble along. It’s going to be scary. Will it be the scariest thing you’ve ever done? Walking on stage at the MTV EMA’s was my most nerve-wracking moment. My legs went to jelly and I couldn’t look up from the floor – then when I did and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in front of me!

Is your girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg going to be coming along?
I haven’t actually told her I’m doing it yet! She asked who The Dreamboys were and I just said ‘oh some lads’ – she’ll come though, so will my mum.

Er, your mum?!
She’ll be fine with my stripping; she’s seen it all on Geordie Shore before.

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