Jacqueline Jossa's little girl Ella is proving to be the most adorable baby ever

Since Jacqueline Jossa gave birth to her baby girl last month, the Now office hasn’t stopped ooh-ing and aww-ing at the countless pictures that are being posted of her.

Ella, who was born in February to Jac and boyfriend Dan Osborne, is not only already resembling her gorgeous mum, but has also become one of the cutest kids on the celebrity block – and Jacqueline is making sure the world knows about it.

You just have to watch this video of Ella, posted on Jacqueline’s Instagram, to see what we mean.

Sharing the video of the little one swinging in a baby chair, Ella, who already has a full head of hair, is dressed in a funky hot pink and blue onesie and blinks adorably around the room while a lullaby plays in the background. Jacqueline captioned the video with “Ella selina osborne, chilling. ❤️”. N’awww!

Instagram users went into meltdown at the sheer amount of cuteness – one fan said: “Awww how cute your little girl is just perfect”, while another commented: “Ooh so sweet just like her mummy x️x”.

Despite their show of unity, both Dan and Jacqueline are still having to deal with messages about the state of their relationship from Twitter users.

Dan recently hit back at people who’d accused him of being ‘violent’ and a ‘bully’, saying: ‘Wasn’t and never have been violent towards any woman. Ever.’

He also said: ‘you don’t know me, my family etc know the truth. Sorry that a

story is being made by something from about 8 months ago #boringnow.

‘was never about anyone other than the love I felt for my son. We live and learn. It’s the past and bored of reading about it.’

And Jacqueline even told one follower: ‘my relationship is lovely thanks. You know nothing.’

Despite having to deal with drama, Jacqueline hasn’t been fazed – instead, she’s focusing on being a wonderful mother to Ella, and is still going strong with Dan.

Meanwhile, the father of two has been spending time with his son Teddy, who ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin is the mother of. He posted a picture of the 14 month-old, captioning it “Waking up to my little man!! Sooo happy I now have this every single week”.


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