Kanye West compares himself to a tsunami AND an earthquake, calls himself a 'Creative Genius', and predicts the future in his latest interview


There’s no denying Kanye West is, in his words, a ‘creative genius’ but his latest interview has totally baffled us.

Warning: It’s two hours long, so you may want a few tea breaks…

Here’s some of Kanye’s best quotes we spied so far:

‘I appreciate everyone’s opinion but I refuse to have a lesser opinion about myself.’

‘To let your life be controlled by public opinion would be like asking to sit in traffic for the rest of your life.’

‘Three years ago, after this interview I would have been on a train back to Paris to see the last of the shows and get that inspiration. Now I’m on the first flight back home to see my greatest inspiration, my daughter.’

I’m a creative genius. And it’s proven, and I will continue to prove it.’

‘I just love my family!’ – CUTE!

‘I’m Michelangelo.’

‘I’m not H&M.’

‘I’m the only one [human] that is not crazy.’

‘The highest art form is fashion.’

Talking about his and Kim’s unborn son: ‘I don’t have a name for him, but what I hope for him is that he can feel purpose. That he can learn that he has the opportunities.’

‘If you could put racism in the battery of your phone, it would never stop working.’