It looks as though the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry had a right old giggle at a royal event today - if these videos are anything to go by!

We’re used to seeing Kate Middleton looking cool and composed, so we couldn’t help but giggle when we saw her doing a pretty silly walk today.

The Duchess was caught on camera doing the comedy walk against a green screen on stage at BAFTAs headquarters during a royal visit in aid of The Charities Forum, a collection of over 30 organisations Kate, her husband Prince William and brother-in-law Prince Harry are patrons of.

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In a short video shared on the Kensington Palace Twitter account, Kate – wearing a gorgeous £375 dress by British designer Tabitha Webb – holds hands with a young girl as the pair no doubt tried to keep a straight face (much like the audience, we expect) as they were filmed comically making their way towards a suitcase.

We bet they didn’t teach Her Royal Highness THAT in princess finishing school! Because her life is just like Anne Hathaway’s in The Princess Diaries, right?

A voice speaking through a microphone praises the Duchess and her young fellow actress, saying: ‘This is excellent acting going on here!’

Kate’s starring role was later incorporated into a short video by Aardmann Animations, the studio behind new Shaun The Sheep adventure The Farmer’s Llama, which is due to air on TV this Christmas.

And the silliness didn’t stop there, as Prince Harry was also on hand to enjoy a spot of welly wanging!

Looking all kinds of fine in a sharp suit, the bearded ginger prince gives it his best shot in a Shaun the Sheep-themed welly wanging area – and, judging from his reaction, we don’t think he was best pleased with his shot!


And we bet Haz didn’t find it annoying AT ALL when his older brother, Prince William, stepped up to the welly wanging plate – and had the crowd in fits of joyful cheers with his impressive effort.