Katie Hopkins' first Now column is now out, and here's a preview of what she says #WhatWouldKatieHopkinsDo

In her first week as a Now columnist, Katie Hopkins is on a mission.

And that’s basically for the entire country to start unleashing their inner Hopkins.

‘This week’s column is all about What Would Katie Hopkins do,’ the outspoken mum-of-three explains in her exclusive video to Now readers. ‘I want to encourage you all to not be so nice, and British and very noble about things – and do what I’d do.’

Confused? Don’t worry!

Katie reveals the logic behind what we’re now going to refer to as #WWKHD.

‘Next time a PTA Mum stops you in the school car park waving around a clipboard telling you she needs you to make a chocolate cake for the cake bake – instead of saying: “I’ll do that” you say, “No. I don’t like baking cakes and I’m busy, so here’s £10 and put that in your pipe and smoke it.”‘

Although we think it’d be more logical for the PTA Mums on a mission to take that £10 down to Asda to grab a choc treat instead of ‘smoking it’, we can completely see where Katie is coming from.

‘The politically correct are doing something that’s emotionally very wrong: making us afraid of speaking our mind for the fear of offending others,’ she continues.

Katie also brands former Loose Women and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Denise Welch a ‘cyber bully’ following her week-long tirade of abuse aimed at Hopkins’ announcement she was Now’s new columnist.

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