It might be a while since we’ve heard anything from New York’s finest but that doesn’t stop Paris Hilton from grabbing our attention when we least expect it...

When Paris Hilton threw a party at her Beverley Hills home, she made sure she had some of the hottest girls in attendance, including Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea, Bella Thorne and Sofia Richie, and why not when you’ve got your own personal nightclub in your house!

Paris took to Instagram to show the world her house, where extravagance is around EVERY corner.

But the one video that grabbed our attention was Katy KISSING Paris in one of the rooms of her gargantuan house.


But before you start singing I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It, there’s no girl on girl action going on here. Paris posted: ‘Waking up to this today made my day 😹 Love you @KatyPerry! You are such a beautiful magical #Queen! 😻👑

The ROAR singer merely found a much larger than life head and shoulder mosaic picture of Paris and is filmed stroking the piece of art saying “It’s a mosaic of my Queen,” as she suggestively rubs her hands over Paris’ mosaic mouth and then bends down to kiss her lips!

Waking up to this today made my day😹 Love you @KatyPerry! You are such a beautiful magical #Queen! 😻👑🦄

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As you can imagine this sent their fans into a frenzy with one saying

‘YAAAAAAS!!! Iconic!!! Legends ❤❤❤ is there a selfie of you two? Killing it’, others said; ‘We love u Paris! even Katy perry loves u’ and ‘Aw! I love your friendship with Katy! Yes you’re the queen of QUEENS long time ago!

But that’s not all the girlies got up to… The 36-year-old heiress also posted another video saying “Last night was #LitAF ! Had the best time with my beautiful girls @TheNewClassic @SofiaRichie @KatyPerry @BellaThorne @ChiaraFerragni #GirlPower.”

Warning… sweary words ahoy!

The vid shows Katy Perry in Paris’ actual dog house, Bella Thorne in her immense shoe closet and a quick pose with Iggy and best friend Nicole’s little sister Sofia.


Girl’s night at Paris Hilton’s house? Like, er, yes please!