Ex on the Beach's Kayleigh Morris has got a few things to say about Jemma Lucy once she's left the villa...

Nothing like a nice relaxing break in the sunshine…. Cocktails, sun cream, a few too many cocktails and your Ex turning up and ruining your life.

Yup, book us a one way ticket baby.

Okay, we know. Sounds like a terrible nightmare, doesn’t it?! However, for the Ex on the Beach crew, a sunshine bust-up is a regular vacay feature.

So, things are set to reach a boiling point during tonight’s episode- as Jemma Lucy is about to get booted from the show because of almighty bust up with arch nemesis Kayleigh Morris.


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After Jemma had become, *ahem*, ‘friendly’ with Kayleigh’s Ex Ashley Cain the pair came to blows- after Kayleigh took Jemma’s belongings for a dip in the swimming pool, the girls ended up violently brawling before being restrained by security guards.

Yup, you can read all about that can of worms right here.

Of course, the fiasco didn’t end there- as, in a behind the scenes interview, the girls have laid into each other one final time. Pshhh, whose ever heard of letting bygones be bygones?!

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Kayleigh tells the camera that she felt Jemma was ‘basically the sl*g of the villa’, before adding ‘I didn’t hate her i just hated her ways and when she started getting with Ash I was jealous. I didn’t like it i didnt want to see it’. Tell us how ‘ya really feel, Kayleigh.

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The ‘gal then added, ‘a message for Jemma, now that you’ve been kicked out for gouging my face is that karma is a b*tch and I am quite disappointed you’ve left because you was entertainment. But I didn’t like you f**king Ashley’.

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And how does Jemma feel about all the dramz?! Well, according to the ‘gal, ‘[Kayleigh] is jealous that I’m shagging her ex boyfriend, but he actually likes me as a person and I guess I was spending time with him that was winding her up’.

Jemma then added, ‘she threw my clothes into the swimming pool, which you don’t do babe because I’ll rip your face off- which I did’.

Yup, you can watch all of that in action below. Heads up, things get *pretty* steamy…

Ex On The Beach 507 | Shack Of Secrets: Kayleigh Talks Jemma Banging Ashley And Getting Booted Off The Show
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Side Note: Remind us to never book a holiday with MTV. Like, ever.