Wanna star in Made In Chelsea? Well you best perfect those flirty hair flicks!

Missing Made In Chelsea? Well fear not, cause the new series starts next month – and we’ve only gone and got Lucy Watson to keep us entertained ’til then.

Whether you’re a fan or not, you’ve probably noticed the real selling point of the show isn’t the drama which follows the glamorous lives of Spencer Matthews, Rosie Fortescue, Jamie Liang and co – it’s well, the many faces of Lucy.

From the serious to the sarcastic, with some sassy eye rolls chucked in for good measure, there’s a Lucy facial expression for every occasion.

And after catching up with the Chelsea star in a swanky hotel suite where she told us all about her new boyfriend, Lucy give us an actual proper guide to them all, so you can channel yourself a bit of Ms Watson during every day life.

Side note: By boyfriend, we actually mean the Night’s Watch boyfriend pillow, which is actually the best thing we’ve ever cuddled ever – and we’ve even hugged Harry Styles before.

‘I have a very expressive face’ Lucy told us while introducing our exclusive video.

‘My first one is the eye roll, I’d like to do it less but I have very little control. Then there’s the angry two eye squint, or if you’re playfully angry, just the one eye.’ Lucy laughed as she acted them out for us.

And the LOLZ didn’t quite stop there, as Lucy continued on with the many faces of Ms Watson. 

‘I also have the flirty hair flick, side eye and fake smile for selfies.’ She continued.

And that right there is why the unlucky in love Made In Chelsea fave makes the perfect reality star. 

Watch the video below to look, laugh and channel a bit of Lucy yourself. 


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