Actor is popular with Barack Obama

Damian Lewis would like to shake up the James Bond films – by becoming the first red-haired actor to play the legendary secret agent.

Skyfall, the latest flick starring Daniel Craig, delved into Bond’s Scottish roots and Damian thinks it’s created a good opportunity for him to take over the role.

‘It’s paving the way perfectly for a red-headed Bond!’ jokes Damian, 41.

‘As he now has Scottish heritage – I can’t believe they worked that in especially for me.’

Damian is best known for his hit TV drama Homeland and he recently discovered that Barack Obama is a fan during a state dinner at the White House.

‘I said to the President, “When do you watch Homeland?”‘ Damian tells Seven Magazine.

‘He said, “Well, Michelle takes the girls out to play tennis on a Saturday afternoon, and I pretend I’m gonna go work in the Oval Office, and I turn on the TV and I watch Homeland.”

‘So Saturday afternoon is his slot!’

Anna Francis