Aww! Peter Andre continues to melt hearts as he surprises a fan with message on her 100th birthday


Though many look forward to a message from the Queen on their 100th birthday, one lucky centenarian received an extra-special treat from her favourite pop star for hers.

Ever the sweetheart, Peter Andre recorded a birthday video message for Lilian Pratt from Burton, Staffordshire, who turned 100 on Monday. Apparently, Lilian’s had a soft spot for him after he first hit the musical scene in the ’90s because he has a ‘lovely smile’ and is ‘a bit of alright’. (Can’t say we disagree…)

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Eh? Why are Peter Andre and Ricky Gervais hanging out together?

Lilian’s daughter Margaret Winter reached out to the singer, and was delighted when he agreed to send a video message. Recorded while he was still competing in Strictly Come Dancing, Peter lets Lilian know that he’s thinking of her on her special day:

‘Hello lovely Lilian, I hear you’re 100 years old.

‘Happy birthday. I am so grateful that I am in your thoughts and just so you know, you’re in mine.

‘Now, I want you to have a wonderful birthday. I want to see you live another 100 years so that we can do this again.

‘Have a wonderful time, love you lots, thinking of you, Peter.’

Understandably, Lilian was overjoyed and cried tears of joy when the video finished. ‘I feel so overwhelmed. How lovely and what a surprise,’ she gushed. ‘I think he is really marvellous to do it for me – I never thought I would get a message from him.

‘It is the best birthday present I have had this year.’

Crying? Us? Oh of course not, it’s hayfever…


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