Peter Andre shows his musical versatility in the funny Radio 1 spoof

We’ve seen Peter Andre do many things over the years.

He’s shown us how to do-up a lounge we no longer like in 60
Minute Makeover, he’s sung live with Katie Price and he’s shown us how brave he
is in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

However, one thing we have never seen him do is rap. Until

The 42-year-old singer appeared in a hilarious spoof of The
Little Mermaid
song Under The Sea – made famous by Sebastian the crab – on
Radio 1 with Matt Edmondson.

In the lyrics, Peter plays up to his good boy image, saying:
‘Hello my name is Peter Andre, and I am a lovely guy, And even though I’m not in it, I’m plugging Disney on Ice.

‘I gave you Mysterious Girl, what more could you want from me? I gave you Insania,
you have my apologies. Peter Andre, Peter Andre, I have been chosen to sell
food that’s frozen, Peter Andre.

‘I haven’t aged in 20 years and I’ve been keeping off the
beers. Look at my six pack, clearly I am stacked, Peter Andre.’

He later goes on to joke about his reputation for being a
good dad, and tells people how good he looks in swimming shorts. To be fair
Peter, we’ve seen enough before, we are aware of how good your body is.

There is one mistake Matt Edmondson made in the lyrics he
wrote though – he referred to Peter’s fiance Emily MacDonagh as his wife when the
pair aren’t even married yet. Oops!

Anyway, if you want to see the hilarious video in full, just
watch the below. We’re going to watch it another 50 times today at LEAST.


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Stephen Leng