Oli Sykes from rock band Bring Me The Horizon jumped onto Coldplay's table as the band were sat at it, smashing glasses and causing chaos


The lead singer of rock band Bring Me The Horizon made sure all eyes were on him at Wednesday night’s NME Awards – by TRASHING Coldplay‘s table!

Rocker Oli Sykes caused a commotion at the star-studded bash when he clambered onto the table where Chris Martin and co were sitting as her performed with his band, pretty much wrecking it in the process.

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Singing the band’s track Happy Song, the rowdy singer kicked over glasses and bottles, with Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland having to move out of the way to avoid the carnage whilst the rest of the group sat motionless watching the singer do his thing.

With Oli giving a super-energetic performance, the table soon COLLAPSED under his weight, sending everything sliding towards the floor, as the singer gave a dramatic leap away from  the wreckage.

And, whilst Coldplay picked up the Godlike Genius award on the night, it was Oli who gained godlike status on Twitter, with users LOVING his table-trashing work.

‘Am I the only one who wants to give oli sykes a high five for breaking coldplays table?’ one wrote.

Another added: ‘Oli Sykes not only threw shade at Coldplay, he threw himself at them. Literally.’

A third posted, ‘Hats off to Oli Sykes for trashing Coldplay’s table at the #NMEAwards THATS what award ceremonies and rock is about!’, whilst someone else said: ‘Oli Sykes breaking coldplays table at the nme awards is my favourite thing.’

But if you think Chris Martin would be miffed about the waste of perfectly good champagne, think again.

All that yoga he does has clearly made him totally zen, as he told NME reporters after the incident: ‘It was great, very rock ‘n’ roll.’

Earlier in the evening, Bring Me The Horizon won the NME Innovation Award and they kept their acceptance speech short and sweet, with drummer Matthew Nicholls saying: ‘We’re not one for making words. Thanks NME.’

Meanwhile, Sykes simply gave the thumbs up. Clearly they were planning on letting their performance do the talking…

NME’s editor called awarding the Sheffield rock band a ‘no-brainer’, saying: ‘Their live shows are absolutely mind-blowing and as a band, they have an incredible amount of creative energy.’

That’s one way of putting it!

Check BMTH in action with their latest music video below…