Poor Amanda Holden's reaction to Simon Cowell's call about Britain's Got Talent is HILARIOUS

We know that Simon Cowell likes to shake things up on The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent but we were shocked to hear that he’d called BGT judge Amanda Holden to tell her she’d be replaced by Cheryl!

It all turned out to be a big wind-up though as poor Amanda was the victim of a prank call made by Simon, 55, during an appearance on Nick Grimshaw‘s programme on BBC Radio 1.

Simon cheekily rang Amanda whilst playing Call Or Delete on the Breakfast Show and a video released of the moment captures her stunned reaction. So cruel but so funny!

As the music maestro begins chatting to Amanda, 44, over the phone he gets ready to break the (fake) news about her replacement by asking her to go somewhere she can be alone.

Simon reveals that he and ITV thought it would be good to ‘shake things up’ on the BGT live shows and proceeds to tell Amanda that they want to replace her with Cheryl on two days of the week.

There’s silence on the line before a shocked Amanda asks: ‘Are you joking?’

To rub salt into the wound, Simon explains that the fact that 31-year-old Cheryl is ‘younger’ and a singer means she’ll bring in a different audience. Ouch!

What follows is THE most excruciating silence from Amanda before she tetchily replies: ‘Okay.’ She’s CLEARLY not happy about the news but says she’ll go along with it if it’s ‘best for the show’.

Simon’s cheeky hoax doesn’t end there though. After Nick passes him a piece of paper with something written on it, the talent show star adds another element to the imaginary plan.

‘I want to swap David [Walliams] on the semi-final with Jeremy Clarkson, which I think would be amazing,’ he says. Can you IMAGINE?!

Amanda sounds pretty startled by Simon’s suggestion and her ‘Ooh God’ response had us in stitches.

The joke carries on for another painful couple of minutes before it’s revealed that it’s all a wind-up. Whilst Simon and Nick can’t stop laughing, Amanda is slightly less impressed.

‘I hate you so much,’ she jokingly tells Simon before declaring: ‘I need a gin.’

Poor Amanda! The mum-of-two is still fuming about the trick and Tweeted Simon when the call was broadcast this morning to tell him: ‘You were a complete sh*t!!’

Watch the hilarious moment below…

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Anna Francis