Jeremy Kyle jumps on his producers back whilst on air. Most bizarre Jeremy Kyle moment EVER?!


Do we give Jeremy Kyle enough credit? Absolutely not.

If ever you need something to lift you out that afternoon slump, who is always on hand? Jeremy Kyle.

With the helpful dose of a trademark ‘you are scum’, you can always rest assured that you will wind up as bright eyed and bushy tailed as the show’s lie detector.

But those tuning in to today’s Jeremy Kyle Show were given a *little* more than they bargained for. In fact, they were not only lifted out of their slump but literally CATAPULTED to their happy place.

And how did Jezza manage this?! Well, with a simple game of ‘act out the guests’ problem’. Yep, you heard right… ACT OUT THE GUESTS PROBLEM.

Now we don’t know about you, but our general experience with The Jeremy Kyle Show is pretty much FILLED with theft, infidelity and incest. Would you fancy acting that out on TV? Yep, us neither.

Luckily for our poor eyes, however, the scene chosen by 50-year-old Jezza was NOT one involving any type of illegal activity. (C’mon now, don’t look so disappointed). Today’s guest, Paul, actually had a problem involving press-ups.

Jeremy began by addressing his guest with the age old question of, ‘So you’re in the pub doing press-ups right? And there is a woman on your back. What is she doing on your back? You said you only went out for a minute’.

In answer of his own question, Jeremy then proceeded to flex his A Level drama muscle and act the scene out- with the help of his producer Will.

Jez, opting to channel the role of woman-on-the-back, then clambered on top of Will whilst exclaiming ‘this is going to end up on YouTube’.

And true to his word, that is EXACTLY where the footage has ended up. God bless the internet.

So, feast your eyes on Jezza mounting his producer. Afternoon slump, be gone!

Alice Perry