How do you make Joey Essex even funnier? Get him into politics


If there’s one person in the world we never thought we’d see at 10 Downing Street, it’s Joey Essex.

But lo and behold, the loveable Essex chap has found himself in just the spot. Not only is Joey learning about politics – a lesson which could take up a whole Educating Joey Essex series by itself – he’s also schmoozing with our country’s top politicians (LOLSSSS).

With the elections coming up, Joey is wasting no time getting to know the candidates – mainly by, erm, taking selfies with them.

Yep, the hilarious trailer for his new show, ‘Educating Joey Essex: General Election What You Saying?‘, shows Joey cosying up with the likes of Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage, snapping his iPhone and exclaiming: ‘sick!’

Oh, Joey.

We then see him trying, and failing, to pronounce the name of the party actually in power right now – ‘Consertative? Consertive?’ Err, it’s Conservative, Joe – then announcing confusedly: ‘I still don’t really understand what yous do.’

Yes, for a guy who’s spending time with the actual electoral candidates, he’s not too clued up. But far from this being a travesty in the modern days of voting and free speech, it actually makes us love him EVEN MORE.

Cut to scene of Joey grinning for a lone selfie outside 10 Downing Street, seeing as Prime Minister David Cameron turned down an offer to be on the programme. ‘I don’t know why he wouldn’t meet me,’ Joey told Now at the M&M World Campaign Election party. ‘He’s the Prime Minister.’ Hmm, good spot, Joe.

We can’t wait to see the full episode – we reckon this will be the best Educating Joey yet. And, let’s face it, what’s better than Joey Essex challenging today’s political agenda?



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Kim Gregory