Most awkward live interiew ever?! You NEED to see Eamonn Holmes arguing with David Cassidy live on This Morning!

Want to see something even more awkward than watching three episodes of You’ve Been Framed with your ex, all whilst being presented with a slideshow of all your old Myspace account pictures?!

Well then, today is your lucky day!

Because if there is ANYTHING more awkward than the above concoction, it’s David Cassidy arguing with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford LIVE on This Morning

And guess what? IT HAPPENED! *Explodes into fire of awkwardness*.

David Cassidy, whom found fame as an entertainer in the 70s, appeared on today’s This Morning via video link from the living room of his $1.8million Florida mansion- which has just been put up for auction.

Eamonn and co-presenter Ruth Langsford began the interview by asking David (whose wife has just filed for divorce after three accounts of driving under the influence) how he was finding the process of splitting from his partner of 23-years, which certainly did not go down well with the 65-year-old.

The star appeared defensive (and dare we say it, intoxicated), declaring he was ‘absolutely wonderful’.

The topic then moved on to David announcing his bankruptcy, to which he argued that ‘it wasn’t difficult at all…’ adding ‘I still have fantastic assets after selling 30 million records worldwide’.

The awkwardness continued for quite some time, with David shooting down any attempt of conversation, before eventually signing off.

Eamonn then addressed the situation with an apology for fans of David, saying ‘All the Cassidy fans out there, we only ask the questions, how he answers them are up to him’.

After the sweat-inducing show, Eamonn took to Twitter to post, ‘Just when I thought my #DavidBlaine i/view could never be topped along comes another David to steal the crown- #DavidCassidy #ThisMorning’. 

Ruth also tweeted a message, stating ‘Well that was an experience! Very sad to see #David Cassidy on @itvthismorning seemingly so broken. They say never meet your idols…’.

We don’t know about you, but we definitely think the This morning pair deserved their morning cuppa today!

Watch the painstakingly awks interview here…

Alice Perry