These videos are hilarious - oh, Mollie King!

Nowadays, Mollie King has everything going for her: she makes up one fifth of a world-famous girl group, she is dating gorgeous male model David Gandy, and she recently signed a solo deal with Island Records.

However, things haven’t always been so sweet for the blonde beauty, who auditioned and got rejected from the X Factor TWICE before she joined The Saturdays. Unfortunately for Mollie, the videos are still around – and they are CRINGEtastic!


First up – her solo audition back in 2005. Appearing in white hot pants and a gold slinky top, Mollie got her twerk on before twerking was even a thing while she belted out a rendition of ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’. However, judge Sharon Osbourne was NOT impressed, telling Mollie ‘I think you’re dressed inappropriately.’ Eeekkk…NEXT!

The second time Mollie auditioned, she went along as part of four-piece girlband ‘Fallen Angelz’ back in 2007, complete with midriff-baring crop tops and Noughties-style low-slung baggy jeans. Well, doesn’t that just take us back! Clever Simon Cowell pointed out ‘there’s potential…’, but unfortunately the band were booted out in the final stages of boot camp.

However, it turns out that third time really WAS a charm for Mollie, who joined The Saturdays the following summer, signing a record deal with Fascination and Polydor Records. Looks like it all worked out for you, Mollie! If this isn’t inspiration to keep on pursuong your dream, we don’t know what is. We bet even gorgeous Mollie can laugh at these gorgeous videos now!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter