If you thought TOWIE was revealing, you haven't seen anything yet!

Showmance? Not a chance!

For anyone that’s ever doubted the romance between reality stars Marnie Simpson and Ricky Rayment – all you have to do is watch our beyond adorable Mr & Mrs video to see this is the real deal.

During our impromptu game show inspired quiz, filmed during #Rarnie‘s first ever shoot together for this week’s Now, we grilled the couple on just how well they know each other.

And, um, as expected, the results were rather surprising. And far too revealing.

‘I may not be the cleanliest girl, but I am the most sexual!’ Marnie hilariously stated half way through the game. While Ricky quickly disagreed by replying ‘I rock your world!’ before the pair burst into a fit of giggles and moved onto the next question.

From who’s the dirtiest in bed, to who doesn’t brush their teeth before they leave the house – if you thought either Geordie Shore or The Only Way Is Essex was a little revealing at times, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Despite the constant chemistry and flirty banter between the pair during our video, it did get all kinds of cute when we asked who gets on best with their (possible) future in-laws.

Have a watch, have a LOL, and check out this week’s Now for our full exclusive interview with the reality world’s hottest new couple.

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