Who knew Wayne Rooney had such a soppy romantic side?

Wayne Rooney probably isn’t the first person you’d associate with penning romantic poems but the footballer has confessed that he has quite an artistic side.


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The 29-year-old Manchester United star admits that he writes poetry for wife Coleen and used to send her lovey verses when they first got together – awww!

Speaking in a new BBC documentary, Wayne says: ‘I used to love writing poems, even before I was with Coleen.

‘I don’t know why, I used to like write little stories, too. So when I first got with Coleen, I used to write her lots of poems. They have died down a bit of late.’

Wayne still manages to surprise his missus though. Coleen – who is pregnant with the couple’s third child – reveals that the sports star expressed his literary side again whilst they were on a recent vacation together.

‘Recently we went on holiday,’ says Coleen, 29.

‘I went to bed with the kids and when I got up the next morning there was a poem on the side, which was nice. I’ve got a collection somewhere.’

The couple open up to presenter Gary Lineker in the programme about how their romance began too.

They’ve been dating since they met as youngsters in the Croxteth area of Liverpool and Wayne tried to woo Coleen in a slightly less elegant way than penning poetry.

Coleen explains: ‘He is shy until he gets to know you – and then he just doesn’t shut up. He used to shout things like, “Give us a date”.’

Er, nice. Eventually they had their first romantic outing at the cinema and the rest is history.

Wayne clearly still adores Coleen – with whom he has sons Kai, 5, and Klay, 2 – and admits that she takes charge of running their household.

‘Outside of football she is the strong one,’ he says. ’She is the boss, yeah.

’She makes all the decisions and she is a great mum and great for me and the children.’

Coleen is equally as smitten with Wayne and calls him ‘caring’, ‘protective’ and ‘fun’.

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Anna Francis