Natalie Rooney is furious she's not been invited to the wedding

Wayne Rooney’s cousin Natalie is furious at Coleen McLoughlin’s decision not to invite her to their celebrity wedding.

The 19-year-old, who reportedly flashed her boob at Coleen’s 21st birthday party, is miffed but insists she’s past caring.

‘Even if I did get an invite to the wedding, I wouldn’t go and neither would my family,’ she says.

‘I can’t stand Coleen after the way she’s behaved towards us.

‘She clearly sees us as nothing but chavs who aren’t high class enough to go to her big day.’

Natalie is astonished by the sum Wayne and his bride-to-be are forking out to become man and wife in the Mediterranean this summer.

‘I can’t believe they’re having a 2.5 million wedding,’ she tells Celebs On Sunday. ‘It’s just ridiculous.’

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Laura Czerniak