Footballer ditches guitar for new instrument

Wayne Rooney wants to learn to play the drums.

The footballer had been having weekly guitar lessons but his strumming isn’t up to scratch.

Wayne’s decided to forget about fingering strings and get into bashing with sticks.

‘I’ve been trying to learn to play the guitar but it’s doing my head in,’ he tells The Sun. ‘It’s really hard!’

And his pals reckon he’ll have better luck with the drums.

‘Wayne had mentioned how difficult it was to read the music and get his fingers right for all the chords,’ adds a friend.

‘He is a determined character but this is one battle even he thinks he might not be able to win. He fancies a drum kit — but his neighbours might not be pleased to hear that.’

Wayne, 22, is engaged to Coleen McLoughlin, 21. Perhaps Col could learn to sing and they could tour as musical duo the Rockin’ Rooneys after their wedding.

Sounds like a plan.

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