Last night’s TOWIE episode put a spanner in the works for the blossoming romance between Jessica Wright and the show’s latest heartthrob Pete Wicks, when Lewis Bloor admitted to Pete that he had shared a snog with Jessica. To make matters worse, the snog happened STRAIGHT after Pete and Jessica’s vineyard date. However, it looks like Pete may have forgiven the TOWIE beauty, after tweeting in the early hours of this morning:


What could this mean, Pete? We need to know!

And we really felt for Pete last night after his crushing conversation with Lewis last night. To recap, Pete spilled his feelings for Jessica to his friend: ‘Me and Jess are better than we ever have been. I feel like we’re more than friends now than we probably ever have been.’ To which Lewis confessed to getting together with Jessica just after she told Pete that she ‘didn’t want a relationship’. Could the timing have been any worse? ‘You had that thing with Jess after the vineyard, Jess and Ferne went to Sheesh after, and then I was in there, I ended up going back to Jess’ and we kissed. But it was nothing more than just a silly kiss,’ said Lewis. Boo!

Following the TOWIE filming last week, it seems Pete was holding a grudge, retweeting model Amber Bowles’ message: ‘Loyalty is everything.. You ain’t got that.. Well then you ain’t got shit.’ However, his recent tweet tells a different story. Has the weekend given him some time to think? And is it Jess, or Lewis, that he has forgiven? Watch this space!

Meanwhile, Vas J Morgan gave his friend a welcome ego boost after his tough few days.

Aww! We totally agree. We hope it all works out soon for gorgeous Pete!