Chicago born Robin Tunney had already appeared in a bunch of iconic 90s films by 1996, but The Craft was her first in a leading role playing ‘new girl in smalltown’ Sarah Bailey.

Funnily enough, the thick head of hair that Sarah magically transforms from auburn to blonde during one of the movies pivotal scenes (you know, the one Little Mix recreated in their Black Magic video) was actually a wig. Robin played the troubled and tattooed Deb who shaves her head ‘Sinead-O-Rebellion’ style at the start of Empire Records, and because the movie only wrapped a few weeks before The Craft began filming, Robin had no option but to wear a wig to play softly-spoken Sarah! 

Robin, 43, has been careful about her work projects since then and has actually formed a reputable career in TV, working on series such as Prison Break and most recently CBS drama The Mentalist.