Jules and Matisse won Britain’s Got Talent with the use of a stunt dog due to Matisse's fear of heights!

We’ve had dance troops, choirs, hula-hoopers, impressionists and even a song about apple crumble, but sadly, this year’s Britain’s Got Talent has come to an end, but WHAT an adorable ending it was!

Our heartstrings were well and truly tugged at by 48-year-old Jules O’Dwyer and her furry partner-in-crime, Matisse the dog.

The pair had the whole nation aww-ing and gasping at the cuteness and tricks they got up to ever since their first audition, and last night they beat Welsh choir, Cor Flanaethwy, and magician Jamie Raven to win the ITV show.

But all was NOT as it seemed.

The winning performance saw Matisse being caught stealing sausages by Jules, who was acting as a police woman. Chasing antics and hilarity ensues, with the most impressive part of the act being Matisse walking across a tightrope!

Well, at least we thought it was winner Matisse.

Despite being a talented pooch and all-round cutie, Matisse has a slight fear of heights, so Jules roped in a dog stunt-double Chase.

Talking on the Lorraine show, Jules said: ‘Matisse is a little bit afraid of heights so although he could officially do it, Chase is the action dog, so he plays the double for him’.

Who knew that even dogs had stunt doubles!

We feel a little bit tricked and hoodwinked, but than the cuteness overshadows it all – we are a nation who loves our furry friends after all!

At the end of the performance, it’s revealed that Shetland Sheepdog Matisse actually took the sausages to share with his three-legged buddy, Skippy. What? Us? No, we’re not crying, we’ve just got some dust or a dog bone in our eye…

Jules looked shocked as the result was announced and said: ‘I’m just so proud of my dog. So so proud. This isn’t real!’

Not only have Jules and Matisse won the nation’s hearts, the title of Britain’s Got Talent, and a spot on the Royal Variety show, but also a whopping £250,000. That’s a whole lot of doggy treats!

Appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning after just a one-hour power nap, Jules said that she’s just happy for the financial security.

‘I’m already doing a job I love. I get to spend all day with my gorgeous dogs so you can’t get any better. But just to have that financial security, would be perfect’.

It’s clear to see that Jules has a strong bond with her dogs, as she said she wasn’t even thinking about winning, and just wanted to make sure dogs were happy.

‘I was so concerned about my animal’s welfare and are the dogs happy’.

‘I hoped on the semi to go through, then we’d be on TV twice. That’d do me I thought!’

Well think again Jules! We think you deserve a round of a-paws! (sorry).

Maybe it’s time to bring in a Corgi into the doggy family, ready for the Royal Variety performance?

Amy Lo