Michelle Keegan and hubby-to-be Mark are getting their families on a health kick in the lead-up to their big day

They’ve got bodies to die for and after stepping up their own workouts with twice-daily gym sessions, an all-out carbs ban and specially delivered meals ahead of their big day, Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan are encouraging their family members to follow suit.

The happy couple – who got engaged in 2013 – are so beautiful, after all, that we can see why their mates and relatives wouldn’t want to show them up! And to help them in their mission, muscle man Mark, 28, has hired a personal trainer to work with his dad Mark senior so he can get super-healthy and look almost as buff as his son in those wedding snaps.

Mark‘s sister and bridesmaid Jessica Wright, 29, is at her slimmest after signing up for specially tailored meal deliveries. And best mate Arg, 27 – told by Mark months ago to get his life back on track or risk missing the wedding altogether – is looking his leanest ever after losing more than 2st. We wonder if Nanny Pat has had to put those sausage plaits to one side, too?

A source tells Now: ‘Mark‘s paid for his dad to have a personal trainer to shift some weight, as all the family tease him about having a bit of a beer belly. Mark‘s suggested to a few other family members they get fit, too.

‘He and Michelle are getting their meals delivered from a lean meat and protein health food company and he’s recommending it to others. He thinks it’s great.

‘Fitness is such a big part of Mark‘s life that he wants everyone to be in the best shape they can be and has told them all it’s time to get working on it.’ Blimey – perhaps we’ll be glad if our invite’s lost in the post after all.

Mark – who lost 1st 5lb while on Strictly Come Dancing at the end of last year – is open about his own militant fitness and exercise regime, admitting his weight yo-yos if he doesn’t stick to it.

‘Nobody likes going to the gym, but if you want to look good you do have to exercise,’ he says. ‘You have to put the work in. I know I always feel better when I go to the gym. If I don’t go, I put weight on.’

Mark is used to working out four times a week, sometimes with personal trainer James Kenzie (formally the skinny one in Blazin’ Squad but now a beefy muscle man), and minding the carbs. He even sticks to vodka, water and lime as his tipple of choice during a night out.

But now he and Michelle, 27, have stepped up their usual healthy lifestyle and are at the gym every day – sometimes more than once. They’ll go running in the morning and then have a yoga session in the evening, according to our source. The couple are expected to tie the knot in May, with the venue rumoured to be Hengrave Hall in Bury St Edmunds.

Mark has also enlisted former rugby hunk and fellow Strictly pal Thom Evans, 29, to help train him up for the big day. ‘Mark‘s definitely the driving force behind their fitness regime and is well on it,’ says our insider. ‘He understandably wants him and Michelle to look the absolute best they can on their wedding day.’

‘They’ve been having all their food delivered as they find it easier that way. It’s a company that specialises in lean protein meals. They’re determined to look as good as possible.’

Well, we knew it was never going to be easy to look that drop dead gorgeous!

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