It's an unusual one, we know. But we can't help but fancy The Jump's Joey Essex for THESE reasons

The man, the myth, the legend. Ex-TOWIE star and The Jump contestant Joey Essex is made up of stuff we can only dream of – and not just because of all those mind-bogglingly bizarre quotes he often comes out with.

He might say the silliest things but while he’s currently on our TV screens every night, we’re really starting to fancy the Essex lovely.

Here are 11 reasons why:

1. He loves a good silly dance as much as we do
Yep, he’s got some very questionable but very funny moves – as exemplified in the silly video he created with dance legend, The Jump‘s Louis Spence. You could totally take him on a night out to Popworld nightclub with your mates and not worry about your dodgy Nicki Minaj-esque hair whipping. Result! 

2. He’s an animal lover
So much so, his cat Prince Essex has it’s own Twitter account with almost 23,000 followers. Talk about showbiz! 

3. He doesn’t mind looking ridiculous
Fancy dress? Check. Silly selfie expression? Check. Complete lack of awareness as to whether people around him are judging or not? Check. That makes two of us, Joe.

4. He wears stupid hats with the ladies after a few drinks
As shown in the hilarious picture with rumoured girlfriend, Ashley Roberts, in the gallery above. What’s not to love?

5. He meditates – and looks fit while he’s at it
When we spotted a snap of Joey ‘clearing his mind’ in a relaxation room, our hearts melted – and not just because he’s topless. How long have we been waiting for a man who takes time aside to understand his inner-self? Answer: FOREVER. Cue, the lovely Joey.

6. He eats ridiculous amounts of junk food
Yep, you heard us. Joey apparently got into trouble with producers of The Jump for eating so much pizza that he threw up at the top of an Austrian mountain. And looking at his Instagram page, it’s quite clear that the incident will definitely not be stopping him from eating all the pizza he possible can. YES, JOEY!

7. He’s adventurous with fashion
Joey ‘taking on the catwalk’ on his upcoming reality show, Educating Joey Essex: Supermodel Student, looks like one of the funniest moments in Essex history. Did he look good? Of course not. But he’s so bold that we didn’t care what he had on. We wish we could look at that hilarious face all day.

8. He can make friends with anyone and everyone
Including The Jump host Davina McCall, who he reckons he has ‘special moments’ with. Aww! Can we just introduce him to our mum, right now?

9. LOOK how he looks in a suit
Of course, Joey rarely wears a suit – who wants to when there are short shorts and man bags available? But when he does he looks daaaarn good. Check out the gorgeous pics above!

10. He’s really grateful for his life

Lovely Joey
recently posted this adorable message to Instagram: ‘My life has changed so
much in the past 4 years. Sometimes I wake up and think, is this real? I
probably ain’t the only 24 year old thinking like this either, but wow…

‘I as an
individual never thought I would be doing all these amazing experiences… For
some reason while driving through all these snowy big mountains it really hit
me how lucky I am to be here and where I am. Just want to say thank you. So
thank you world.’

11. Those. Abs. 

Enough said.

Marry us now, Joey?

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