Tom shares his joy with Twitter followers


Diving’s not the only thing Tom Daley‘s good at – he’s just achieved straight As in his A-levels.

The teenager sat his exams at Plymouth College in June after putting them off for a year to train for the Olympics and he’s thrilled with the results.

Got my A Level results!! Now officially have an A* in photography, A in Spanish and A in maths 🙂 so happy!!!!Tom, 19, told his Twitter fans on Wednesday.

After sharing the good news, Tom received lots of congratulatory messages from his followers.

One admirer Tweeted: I’m sorry but how can @TomDaley1994 be a good looking, an olympic athlete and have an A* and 2 A’s at A-level.. #getout‘.

Another added: @TomDaley1994 well done! Proud of you! Looks, brains and talent; you’ve got it all! 😉 x‘.

Tom posted a Keek video just after getting his marks, admitting that reading his results email was ‘the most nerve-wracking thing ever’.

I never have to go to school ever again,’ the diver says in the footage.

I am kind of going to miss it but I mean I’m very happy to come away with straight As and yeah, very happy.’

Instead of going to university Tom has embarked on a world trip with best friend Sophie Lee.

Their backpacking adventures are being filmed for upcoming ITV documentary Tom’s World Trip.

Watch Tom Daley’s Keek about his A-level results below…

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