The former Corrie star Michelle Keegan is moving to Kenya for her new role in the BBC Army series Our Girl

We all know that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ but we can’t help but feel a bit sad for Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan at the mo as the pair are facing one of their biggest challenges to date.  Michelle is moving TO AFRICA!

Yup, hardly a hop, skip and a jump away!


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The pair have both admitted it will be ‘tough’ as Michelle is heading
off to Kenya – 6000 miles away – for THREE months to film her new role in the BBC drama Our Girl. 

Michelle will be playing Corporal Georgie Lane, an Army Medic, in the show.

The pair got married in May but come January, Michelle will be jetting off to the sandy plains of Kenya.

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, Michelle said: ‘I’m out there for a long time. Obviously I’ll miss him and I’ll miss home.

‘But it’s my first job working away properly and I’m just excited for the challenge.

A source added the loved-up couple will ‘struggle’ being apart but that Mark had made plans for a visit.

Michelle said: ‘If Mark can come out then he will pay me a visit. It’ll be tough but worth it.’

Aww, yes Mark you should go! Take Michelle on a super lovely safari or something and sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight like Simba and Nahla from The Lion King. 

VIDEO: Michelle head to Friendsfest


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