The pair aren't officially back together, but Alex hopes to marry him someday

Unplanned pregnancies often lead to tough dilemmas, and it was no different for Life of Marbs star Alex Weaver after she got pregnant shortly after cheating on her boyfriend Charles Martin with Dan Edgar. ‘I found out when I was about 17 weeks pregnant,’ she told New! magazine, ‘I’d just come home from Marbella.’

The penny dropped after she got a bizarre craving for dirty carrots, and Life in Marbs co-star Jordan Sargeant advised her to take a pregnancy test. A paternity test later confirmed that the baby was definitely Charles’. ‘There was never any doubt in my mind it was Charles’ as I knew by the dates,’ said Alex, ‘We both agreed it would be good to have the test to quash any rumours that may have circulated when it became public knowledge.’ They have also discovered that Alex is expecting a baby boy.

Following the shock news, worried Alex considered getting an abortion at first: ‘There was a long period of time where it was a real struggle. We did consider an abortion, to the point where I actually went for a consultation.’ However, she had a change of heart once she reached the clinic: ‘The reality of it hit home. I felt like a mum and got really protective. I couldn’t cope with the emotional trauma.’

Charles has been supportive, promising to raise the baby with Alex: ‘he’s over the moon that we’re having a little boy.’ Although the pair are not together at the moment, Alex has hopes for the future: ‘It’s going to take time for us to build trust again. I would love to say we’ll get back together. He’s the person I want to marry. He was always the person I wanted to have children with. For him, I don’t know if that’s on the cards. I hope so.”

We hope the parents-to-be get back together!