But he could still be jailed for 3 years

US actor Wesley Snipes could face 3 years in jail – despite being cleared of fraud charges.

The 45-year-old was found not guilty of tax fraud and conspiracy – for which he could have received a 16-year sentence – by a Florida jury yesterday.

But he was convicted on 3 misdemeanour counts of failing to file a tax return and six counts of wilful failure to file a tax return from 1999 to 2004.

Wesley – who sat expressionless when the verdict was read – was arrested in 2006 after a massive IRS criminal investigation, reports The Guardian.

His lawyers had claimed that it was all a big mix-up; insisting that he was waiting for advice from tax officials before completing the returns.

The Blade star will be sentenced when officials work out how much tax he owes.

‘I have a great deal of faith in the Most High and the Good Lord and the truth shall set you free,’ says Wesley. ‘So, I’m looking forward to being free, going back to what I do best.’

Snipes was convicted along with his accountant and the founder of a tax-protest outfit called American Rights Litigators, reports People.com.

‘The defendants know what the law is, they just don’t like the law,’ Assistant U.S. Attorney Scotland Morris told the jury members before they went to verdict. ‘The defendants are tax protesters.’

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